As a result of 40 years experience in the construction of sports pitches, Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds has become a name associated with quality.
We have state of the art automatic laser levelling systems fitted to our machines, all accurate between 5-10m. As a result we are able to produce a finished surface which is perfectly level and true. Combined with manual laser grading equipment fitted to machinery we ensure a problem free construction in an efficient time frame. Consequently, this not only gives the client a much higher quality finished product but also saves time and money. Our in house engineers use three-dimensional CAD technology to eliminate all the ‘guesswork’ out of the project. Before the project commences all cut and fill design levels are generated and analysed on-site. We therefore make sure the most cost effective method is used, with cut and fill quantities kept to a minimum. This way the client also knows exactly what the finished quantities and dimensions of the project will be. Finally, by keeping the client informed we are able to achieve a much better end product to suit their specific needs.
TPS Ltd has invested in the specialist machinery designed for the job in hand. We have over £1,000,000 worth of specialist equipment. This ranges from large bulk excavators (D6’s, 20T track machines, Dump trucks etc) right down to small scale grass maintenance machines. This therefore ensures the finished product is to the highest possible quality yet at a very competitive price.
Our plant operators pride themselves in their ability to adapt to any situation.
By incorporating fencing, kerbing, and flood lighting TPS Ltd deliver the best possible facilities. This can generate ambition and drive in the club’s players and members, making it a centre piece in the local community.


Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is proving to be very successful for many clubs.

It can be suitable for full size playing pitches or purely for training. This surface can range through 3rd generation, sand dressed, sand filled, or water based.

Due to Ireland’s wet climate, most noteworthy is the recovery time for natural grass pitches. To train on a synthetic surface gives the natural grass areas a longer recovery time between matches. Now with 3rd generation synthetic grass playing much closer to natural grass, teams are finding it an ideal training or match substitute.
Revenue can most probably be made by renting a synthetic pitch when not in use due to their popularity and versatility.
In the last decade we have constructed well over 120 grass pitches and over 25 synthetic pitches. We have an unrivalled bank of experience and satisfied customers.
To allow for continuity of works we use all in house staff and machinery.

Cardiff Subbase


Natural Grass

Whether it is soil, sand/soil mix or sand carpet, Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds can design, construct, renovate and maintain it. With specialist advice and backup available, we have the experience and efficient construction processes to deliver an outstanding product with the minimum of hassle.

Our specialist equipment suits all ground conditions and all machines operate with low operating ground bearing pressure. Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds has the means to construct a sports pitch with the minimum amount of damage. Our CV and testimonials speak for themselves in the construction of natural grass pitches. We have completed over 120 grass pitches and 25 synthetic pitches in the last decade.


Golf Course

Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds have been involved in the Design, construction, and maintenance of golf courses for over 40 years. As a result we have numerous prestige golf clubs on our CV and a large amount of repeat business. We continue to excel in golf course construction and maintenance.







Due to our specialist equipment ranging from large scale bulk earthworks, through to small scale maintenance equipment, Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds has the means to construct and maintain any golf course.


Tennis Courts, Hard Porous & Equestrian

With all machines fitted with both automatic and manual laser grading machinery Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds can provide a true level playing surface when required. This can be for tennis courts, hard porous playing surfaces, or Equestrian use.

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