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We hold the almost unique position in Ireland as a company that construct both natural grass and synthetic pitches completely in-house, using only our own staff and machinery.

Design Process:

At TPS Ltd we believe in order to achieve the ultimate pitch surface, it is best to provide the complete package. Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds will provide a conceptual design, technical drawings, complete a topographical survey of the proposed site and generate a three-dimensional visualisation.

By completing an in-house topographical survey, we offer the best value for money as we generate an accurate, complete bill of quantities. This ensures optimum designs, reducing unnecessary work.
Tony Pattersons will then produce a specification to fit the needs of the client, whether for government body standards or to meet more cost effective budgets. This will provide the client with the reassurance that they will receive the best complete high-quality product.
When the client agrees works, our engineers can proceed to mark out the site accurately before our efficient construction process.



With the complexities of modern sports surfaces it is important that clients receive expert advice before undertaking any work. Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds are leading the way in sports pitch surfaces throughout Ireland. We have over 40 years of experience in the sports field industry, in construction, restoration and maintenance. We also use all in-house engineers specialising in sports pitches and our £1,000,000 worth of specialist equipment.
A general process would include:
  • A personal specification, whether it is to a governing body or to meet more cost effective budgets.
  • An in-house topographical survey is carried out ensuring optimum designs, and reducing unnecessary work.
  • An accurate and complete bill of quantities can be established to offer the best value for money.
This will provide the client with the reassurance that they are receiving the highest quality finished product. When the client has agreed all works our engineers can proceed to mark out the site before construction process begins.


Civil Engineering Works:

With a plant list that is worth £1,000,000 Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds has D6 dozers, Track machines ranging from 6Ton to 22Ton, dump trucks ranging from 5ton to 27ton, graders, tipping lorries, and many other specialist machines. Undertaking groundwork contracts and civil engineering works has been part of Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds over the last 40 years.

We have the experience and know how to undertake bulk excavation and various civil engineering works.

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